Tips For Getting Your Deck and Patio Summer Party Ready

Spruce up Your Deck!

June is here, the days are longer and warmer which means your deck or patio are going to be used on a more regular basis, and be the center of backyard parties. Time to spruce that deck up and help it shine!

Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning the deck and patio surfaces based on the building material.

Deck Maintenance Tips

    • Do a thorough inspection of all stairs, railings, and support beams under and around your deck checking for rot, loose fittings or damaged boards.
    • If you happen to find any damage, replace damaged or rotten wood decking or stair treads, and fix any loose nails or screws to prevent injuries. If you are unable to do the work yourself, contact a local handyman or deck service and they will be able to repair those damages for you.
    • Check your patio for flaking or cracking of the concrete. If you find damage, you should call a concrete repair company to fix it so further damage is minimized until you can have it replaced.
    • If your deck has been stained or painted, be sure to follow the care and maintenance instructions according to the supplier.
    • Clean your deck with an appropriate cleaner or mild soap and water mixture using a soft bristled brush and/or a strong hose stream of water. It is not recommended that you use a power washer as that can gouge the wood if the stream intensity is not properly set.
    • Touch up painted or stained areas that are worn, to help keep the wood protected. But keep in mind the color may be different if you are only touching up a few areas because the other areas of the deck will be weathered from the sun and natural weathering. It’s better to stain or paint the entire deck surface to ensure complete coverage and protection from the elements.
    • Use a mild soap and water solution to clean any debris, moss, or dirt buildup. If needed, a soft bristled brush can help remove stubborn buildup. Don’t forget to clean the gaps in the boards to keep debris from building up there as well.
    • Do not use harsh cleaners or bleach on your manufactured wood decking as this can lead to bleaching or fading of the board color.
    • Do not use rugs with a rubber backing as they tend to trap mold and can cause discoloration of the deck surface.
    • Be sure to quickly clean up any grease spills to minimize absorption and staining. Simply use a mild soap and water mixture with a soft cloth or soft bristled brush if needed to help lift the grease.
  • Use a power washer to clean the winter dirt and build-up from the concrete. If you don’t have a power washer, you can use a mild soap and water mixture with a stiff bristled brush and strong hose stream. Be sure to not have the power washer on too strong of a setting if your concrete is starting to flake or crack as it can cause more damage.

    If your deck is beyond cleaning or repair, call Northlight Custom Builders to replace or even upgrade to an all-weather outdoor living space. We can help you design and build the outdoor living space that best suits your space and lifestyle.

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