Our Process

The NorthLight Difference

NorthLight stands apart in the design, build and remodeling industry because we take an elevated approach to customer service, going above and beyond industry norms to ensure the highest quality experience, design and end product. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our customers achieve 100 percent satisfaction with their projects.

How We Work

  • We love these initial meetings with homeowners because we get to listen to your dreams and needs for your new space and learn about your motivations for the project! As part of this first consultation, we will also discuss any local zoning and building codes that may need to be taken into consideration depending on the project. We will provide you with a preliminary estimate to ensure we can work within it and evaluate if an accessory dwelling unit is the right solution for you and your specific location.

  • Now that we know more about your needs for the new space, we will present a Design Agreement for your review and approval. During this phase, you will work closely with our Design Team to define the layout and the design concepts that will personalize your remodeling project exactly how you envision it. This phase of the project will provide you with a more defined project estimate so the finishing steps are within your budget requirements.

  • As part of the Pre-Construction Services Agreement, we will dig into the details of your project. We will take precise measurements, get exact quotes from subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.), and start working with you on your finishes and fixtures selections. For some, choosing finishes is a fun process; for others, it can be overwhelming. Whichever camp you fall into, we are here for you. We have design specialists who will help you every step of the way whether you just need someone to bounce ideas off, or if you want us to meet you at the store and help you pick out the best fixtures, flooring, and more that will be functional and beautiful in your new space; we are here for you!

    Once you have your selections made, we can incorporate those into a project rendering for you if that is your preference. A rendering allows you to visually see how your new space, design, and selections will look.

  • Before construction begins, you will meet with your Project Manager and Lead Carpenter who will be on your project from the beginning through to the finishing touches. As a Certified Builder, our team of experienced professionals will ensure that your accessory dwelling unit is built to last by adhering to the highest quality materials, standards, and workmanship.

  • When construction is complete, we will conduct a final walk-thru with you. As part of that walk-thru we will schedule a one-year warranty follow-up on all our workmanship in case any touch-ups are needed. We will also listen to your feedback for any improvements we can make to our processes. We like to think of our customers as friends we gain and will always be here for in the future.

Customer Reviews

Read all about what our customers have to say about our services!

“This has been a fantastic process front to back. From the first meeting to the final product was delivered we were fully satisfied. The team really listened to what we wanted for the space and met every request.”

William B.

“Having worked with Tony Collins at his previous employer, I know that his attention to detail and customer service skills are spectacular. He is an excellent contractor and you will not be disappointed if you hired him. “

Josh M.

“Tony renovated both of our bathrooms in 2017 and we couldn’t be happier with the result. He’s not only easy and fun to work with but he’s fair and honest–exactly what we wanted in a contractor.”

Shannon M.

“From design, to demolition to construction, I was happy with how my project went. I felt confident in their knowledge, skills and appreciated their respect for my home while working in it.”

Bernadette R.

“Excellent company. Worked closely with me on the whole project as we had a variable of unknowns on old construction. All who worked on the project were personable, respectful, and knowledgeable of the job and goals.”

Barb O.

“Tony and his team at Northlight were great at helping us get through the remodeling process from start to finish.”

Eric G.

Tony Collins, a master builder and owner of NorthLight Custom Builders, has been in the construction industry for more than 28 years. He has built an impeccable reputation for superb craftsmanship and service. His mission is to ensure the integrity of NorthLight’s work and provide customers with exceptional, personalized service throughout the quoting, building, and finishing processes.

NorthLight’s “let us guide you through every step” motto, commitment to integrity and customer-first mindset have ensured lasting customer relationships that go beyond the initial project. It is important to us that each customer’s concept evolves into a space that will be enjoyed and loved for years to come.

NorthLight’s Design Services offers detailed renderings that enable the customer to preview the finished project including fixtures, flooring and other material selections. Every detail is reviewed as we collaborate to design and build the space the customer needs and wants. This visualization capability is a great benefit, and puts us on the cutting edge of the industry. NorthLight’s master craftsmanship ensures the design comes to life with quality and precision.

  • Before designing a project, our team works to fully understand the customer’s goals and expectations. We review every detail with the customer, including how they plan to use a space, who will be using it and how they envision the space being incorporated into their everyday lifestyle.

  • We inquire about the customer’s personal design style and discuss how their preferences can be incorporated into the new space.

  • We have dedicated professionals who will review every fixture, fitting, and finish with our customers. If desired, we will shop with the customer to support the selection process.

  • We take the time to ask questions like “How many people will be using this space?” and “If you want your refrigerator here, will the door opening work with other cabinetry and entry points around it?” There are many considerations in every design and we make sure to cover all of the bases.

  • We know that asking critical questions at the beginning of a project is huge. This greatly minimizes surprises during the building process. While surprises can’t always be eliminated, we can reduce them to a significant degree by listening and responding to customers from the get-go, positioning us above and beyond competitors who miss this important step.

  • We will handle all permitting and inspections for the customers. Not all builders do this and it takes a burden off of the customer.

  • We make good on our promises. Eleven months after a project is complete, we contact our customers to provide warranty service on work and related additions. This is spelled out for customers at the beginning of the project and in our Construction Agreement; assuring them that any necessary warranty work will be completed.