The NorthLight Difference

We Take The High Road

NorthLight stands apart in the design, build and remodeling industry because we take an elevated approach to customer service, going above and beyond industry norms to ensure the highest quality experience, design and end product. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our customers achieve 100 percent satisfaction with their projects.

  • Before designing a project, our team works to fully understand the customer’s goals and expectations. We review every detail with the customer, including how they plan to use a space, who will be using it and how they envision the space being incorporated into their everyday lifestyle.

  • We inquire about the customer’s personal design style and discuss how their preferences can be incorporated into the new space.

  • We have a team of dedicated professionals who will review every fixture, fitting, and finish piece with our customers. If desired, we will shop with the customer to support the selection process.

  • We take the time to ask questions like “How many people will be using this space?” and “If you want your refrigerator here, will the door opening work with other cabinetry and entry points around it?” There are many considerations in every design and we make sure to cover all of the bases.

  • We know that asking critical questions at the beginning of a project is huge. This greatly minimizes surprises during the building process. While surprises can’t always be eliminated, we can reduce them to a significant degree by listening and responding to customers from the get-go, positioning us above and beyond competitors who miss this important step.

  • We will handle all permitting and inspections for our customers. We choose to do this because it not only takes the burden off of the customer, it also helps streamline communication throughout the project and helps avoid costly mistakes due to miscommunication.

  • We keep good on our promises. Eleven months after a project is complete, we contact our customers to provide warranty service on work and related craftsmanship. This is spelled out for customers at the beginning of the project and provided as part of our contract, assuring them that any necessary warranty work will be completed.

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