Snohomish Counties Cutest Law Enforcement Play a Key Role in Keeping the Community Safe

Proving Service to the Community

Snohomish County’s cutest law enforcement officers play a key role in keeping the community safe.
Local not-for-profit helps keep K9 officers and their handlers happy, healthy and ready for anything

By Snohomish County K9 Foundation as published in the Everett Herald
Wednesday, December 14, 2022 10:30am

While they might just be the cutest members on the force, Police K9 units are no laughing matter!

Providing a vital service to law enforcement teams all across the country, K9 units are in growing demand. Snohomish County K9 Foundation plays a key role in ensuring that the furry (sometimes slobbery) members of Snohomish County police departments get all the support, training and services they need to stay happy, healthy and ready for whatever their handlers ask of them!

Established in the late 1990s by Carole Flynn-White, the Snohomish County K9 Foundation was then known as Pennies For Puppies. Following Flynn-White’s passing, the not-for-profit organization adopted a name change designed to better inform the community of their mission.

The Snohomish County K9 Foundation is now widely known across the community for its dedication to supporting K9 officers and their handlers, assisting local law enforcement offices start new K9 units, and for community outreach programs that offer demonstrations and information to the community about the crucial role K9 teams play in protecting the community.

Ensuring the ongoing needs of K9 officers and their handlers are met is no small feat, and community support is essential for a non-profit organization like the K9 Foundation.

For those who enjoy the occasional round of golf – and those who have made a lifestyle of it – the Snohomish County K9 Unit is hosting a golf tournament this summer at Echo Falls Golf Club. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for tickets and details closer to the date!

They’ve also partnered with Vinaccio Coffee to create a delicious, balanced, one-of-a-kind coffee blend that helps support all their amazing work in the Snohomish community. Fur Missile, Rookie Blend Coffee is a medium roast blend of Columbian and Costa Rican beans that’s available online and in store at Vinaccio Coffee. Proceeds from every bag sold supports the foundation and makes an excellent stocking stuffer for the coffee lover in your life!

Lastly if you prefer the good old-fashioned way of making a donation, you can do so easily here on their website – donate what you can through all major credit cards, Discover card or Paypal.

Show The Snohomish County K9 Foundation some love this holiday season and help support their phenomenal work in the community. Donate online on their website, attend one of their annual fundraising events or purchase a bag of Fur Missile, Rookie Blend Coffee from Vinaccio Coffee.

No matter how you chose to support them, know that every dollar is going straight to the dogs – quite literally! – helping ensure K9 officers and their handlers get the training, equipment and support they need to continue serving the Snohomish County community. Meet the team!

Thank you to Northlight Custom Builders for their support of the Snohomish County K9 Foundation.