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Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks you can do to show your home a little love and help it live a longer and more beautiful life.

The Best Time to Show Love

February is a celebration of all matters of the heart: health, love, kindness and caring. A time when we are asked to remember the part of us that keeps us going and that is often neglected. It’s also a time to take a moment out of our busy schedules, and spend time with and thank those around us who we care so much about.

So why not also take a moment to show a little love and extra care for the heart of our daily lives, our home. After all, your home endures slamming doors, dirty shoes, things being tossed around andmaybe banging into walls or on counters, and of course, spills. Sure, we do our regular cleaning to try to keep the mess a busy week brings to a minimum. But there are a few things you should do periodically to ensure that your home lives a longer life, especially if you have recently had some (or a lot) of remodeling done.

Tips for maintaining wood and stone countertops

  • Give the granite a good cleaning with a neutral pH formulated stone cleaner and apply a sealant periodically. Avoid using any harsh cleaners like ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or citrus based cleaners.

  • Soapstone is very porous, so it needs a regular, light application of a good mineral oil. This will help prevent staining and keep that dark, rich color alive and beautiful.

  • To keep the wood from warping or drying out, be sure to rub in a food-grade mineral oil. Do not use vegetable or regular mineral oil as these can become rancid.

  • Clean with mild soap and water and use a good sealant to help minimize stains. Avoid using anything acidic, which can cause etching of the marble.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

We all think of a bathroom as being waterproof. But cracks in the grout and tile joints that occur with normal home temperature and humidity changes can let water in behind those impenetrable surfaces and cause a lot of damage.

Easy and effective grout cleaning solution: Mix ½ cup baking soda, ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 tsp dish soap so it has a paste-like consistency. Smear the paste onto grout and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Give it a good scrub with an old toothbrush or similar and rinse.

Once your grout is clean, inspect and replace any missing or cracked grout and caulk to keep the water out and looking beautiful.

By taking some time to show it a little love, your home will thank you by staying beautiful for years to come!

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