Process: Remodel, Buy or Sell a Home

Process: Remodel, Buy or Sell a Home

After reading the materials we have been sending you over the last several weeks, you may be asking yourself just how this all works. What does it look like if I want to sell my home? What about if I’m interesting in purchasing a new home or an investment property? You may have been looking around your home and found yourself inspired by some of the incredible remodel transformations you have seen in the previous week’s materials and see the need for some changes in your current home to make it better fit your current lifestyle. How does that work? Let’s discuss that here.

This article was written in collaboration with Windermere Real Estate/North Inc. Andrea Fjortoft and Jack Shull


When we represent home buyers, we invite them to come to our office or over Zoom for a preliminary consultation. During this meeting, we prepare them for what to expect during the process. This includes explaining the current market conditions, strategies on how to be competitive and successful, reviewing the purchase and sale agreements and all contingency forms, and providing excellent local mortgage company referrals. We have found that prepared and educated buyers are the most successful in finding their perfect homes!


When we work with sellers, our first meeting will be at their home so that we can discuss their reasons for moving, the current market conditions, tour their property and note any special features or upgrades, as well as make recommendations on what repairs or improvements would be worth doing to enhance their home’s marketability.

Our second/follow-up meeting is normally at our office and is a presentation of our comparative market analysis (CMA). This in-depth report contains our customized marketing plan, shows comparable sales, market stats and list price recommendations and strategies. Sellers who are informed about the market conditions, trust our process and recommendations will get top dollar for their home in the shortest amount of time.


NorthLight has a unique and interactive process that is there to help you navigate the intimidating remodeling process. NorthLight takes great pride in being great communicators and providing quality results. The process begins with a simple phone consultation to understand your wants and expectations. This helps everyone get on the same page making sure that both parties would work well together.

After a successful phone consultation, NorthLight schedules a site walk-through with you to understand the ins and outs, project size, complications and anything else that may come up. NorthLight presents a design agreement where you then get to start picking materials, finishes and customize the results of the project. You even get to visualize how the end result will look and make changes as needed with their in-house designer. After finalizing the good stuff, a construction contract comes into play and you are on your way!

Work with us!

Regardless of what you’re wanting to do, remodel, buy or sell, we’d Love to help you! It’s always our goal to assist you to best navigate through your future and current home ownership goals. It our intent to help keep you well informed and empower strong decisions. Let us know how we can help you today!