Do I Have to Relocate to Remodel My Home?

It's Different for Everyone

Remodeling and home additions can come in many different shapes and sizes. That being said, relocation may be necessary on a case-by-case basis. Most often, homeowners are able to remain in the home due to careful preparation and planning ahead of time.

We Can Make Temporary Spaces

The most popular home improvements involve kitchens and bathrooms. In the event of an out-of-order kitchen, we can set up a temporary kitchen in the meantime. This will typically take over part of another room in the home. During bathroom remodels, we try to plan accordingly to make sure at least one bathroom is in working condition to keep you comfortable in your home.

In cases of whole-home remodels and additions, relocation is necessary more frequently. Alternatively, some sections of the home may be blocked off to homeowner use while under construction. A lot of time additions can be mostly complete before breaking through to the rest of the home. Tackling one section of the home at a time can ensure that the homeowner and family can remain in the home.

When deciding between renting or buying another property while your home is being remodeled, just remember to make the right decision for YOU. If you have the means to buy, then you can eventually make that property into a rental once your remodel is complete. However, if you decide to rent, we have resources to help find the perfect short-term solution.

Ready to remodel?

If you’re ready to remodel your home, then you’ve come to the right place! Work with us on your home remodel project to see the results you want to see.