Northlight Custom Builders, LLC was founded in 2014 by Tony Collins who has worked in the residential remodeling arena in the Seattle area for over 18 years with over 100 projects to his credit. Before this, Tony was an avid woodworker and furniture builder. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and taking pride in being able to take raw materials and creating something useful and beautiful. Tony has a BS in Business Finance and takes pride in his communication skills. Clients frequently tell him that he is a great communicator and that they appreciate his frequent project updates and thorough paperwork.


Due to the fact that Northlight Custom Builders, LLC is a small company with just Tony and a few employees, he is able to work directly on the projects as part of the crew and lend his personal touch. He is involved in all aspects for the project from the initial meetings, through permitting and design, building, all the way to turning the keys back over to the homeowners.

A testament to doing exceptional work is a “Referral Chain”

Northlight Custom Builders - LLC

Referral chain is when a project leads to a referral, which leads to another referral, and so on. Tony continually has referral chains that go 3, 4, even 5 projects deep.

PROJECT TYPES: Typical projects for Northlight include kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, floor plan changes, additions, outdoor living spaces, and even new home construction.
ESTIMATES AND CONSULTATION: Northlight Custom Builders, LLC provides free estimates and initial consultations with homeowners about the projects they wish to pursue.
PLANNING: We also have services to include assistance with design and space planning, and we have a working relationship with designers, structural engineers and architects. We routinely assist with permits and code compliance.
CONSTRUCTION: We will build your project while keeping a clean and safe worksite. Several past and current customers have raved about how organized and clean our workspaces are.
SUBCONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS: Tony has worked with many of his subcontractors and suppliers for a long time. For instance he has worked with the same plumber for 10+ years, electricians for 17+ years, stone fabricator for 18+ years, window and door provider for 12+ years, lumber company for 18+ years, and so on. These relationships have been built with good communication, honesty, and prompt payment for their services.

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At Northlight Custom Builders, LLC, we listen to our clients needs. Our goal is to add value to your home.

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